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Good talk! Along with the thoroughly entertaining pics ranging from funny-fails to "uncomfortable", the talk was a good motivational talk about how failing is a good thing, and failing fast is even better. Well-presented, well-spoken. I look forward to hearing more from Keith Casey in the future!

Great talk! I really loved the content and I think it's a topic every developer needs to get comfortable with if they ever want to do something great. Keith is an excellent speaker: fun, funny, engaging and inspiring.

Keith is a fantastic, energetic, and passionate speaker. This talk is very inspiring for any project or start-up, but it is really geared excellently and specifically towards new ideas/projects & start-ups.

If you see this session on the roster of your next conference, you should definitely attend.

Great talk by Keith. He gave some excellent insight on how to go from idea to product the right way. It really gave me a different perspective and caused me to rethink some of my own tendencies.