From POX to HATEOAS, A Real Company's Journey Building a RESTful API


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LOTS of content. Many of the example slides with code used a very small font size. Maybe shrink/remove the repeated info from slide to slide to allow room to emphasize the important bits? Plenty of info/potential discussion to turn this into a full tutorial talk next year and use the longer time slot. Would also be good to see usage numbers as your API changes, both raw count and client types.

Great talk with great content. Some text too small, and flipped past some slides too quickly, but those are mechanical issue. Very good presenter, lively and high-energy.

Good presentation, very open discussion about the decisions made developing a REST API. Seems like the FoxyCart API may be a go-to example of design in the future.

Good information and presentation. A tough subject when the "experts" cannot agree on what makes a true REST API.

I was happy to meet Luke at this conference. He was passionate about the subject matter, but admitted when he wasn't clear on something, or when the community as a whole couldn't agree on implementation.

Would love more examples, especially around the versioning part of the discussion. I asked the question, and Luke did a great job of verbally explaining how they handle versioning. But there is nothing like seeing real examples.