How to Let Go of Your Ego and Help Your Customers Succeed (Don't be a jerk)


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Good presentation, but much of the material is re-used from the "Write a Better FM" talk Rich gave last year.

Rating would be a 5 if I hadn't heard the previous talk.

I really enjoyed this talk and I can see how it can apply to many other aspects of project development.

Good talk; however not what I had assumed it would be based on the description. Working more with e-commerce and less with open source projects or APIs it was all good advice but less topical for me than I had hoped.

Anonymous at 16:19 on 24 May 2012

You're an excellent speaker, Rich. Your speech brought up several good points that are very important yet (unfortunately) easy to ignore / forget.

Good talk. A lot of focus on OS projects, but the basic ideas can be applied anywhere