HTML5 and Javascript for the PHP Developer


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I've been using CSS3 selectors for years now, via but I still learned a lot from this talk. The HTML5 portion was very in depth. The additional (non-selector) portion of the CSS3 information was fantastic. Jake is a fantastic presenter. Well informed, highly knowledgeable, and a healthy dose of humor.

There were a few questions he did not know the answer for, but he was honest about it, and was able to point is in the right direction for our own follow ups.

The supplemental materials were also phenomenal.

I would recommend this tutorial for all front-end developers and designers.

Previous comment represents only the morning portion of the tutorial. I was expecting a separate entry for the afternoon.

Daniel's afternoon section on JavaScript was equally informative.

Daniel was extremely in depth in his JavaScript coverage. I managed to learn new concepts to take home.

Still worth 5 thumbs, still recommend this tutorial equally enthusiastically.

I only attended the second half of the talk, but it was quite packed with useful information, so much so that it ran a bit over!

Only caught the morning session - the HTML5 information was very thorough, and I learned about a very cool new tool in Thanks Jake!

Both talks were excellent. Jake gave a nice overview of the cool stuff available in HTML5 and CSS3, and also covered some CSS fundamentals in a really clear way. I found the refresher on CSS selectors and specificity particularly helpful.

Daniel's presentation on JavaScript was clear and fast paced. He explained some tricky core JavaScript concepts in a way that made it finally click for me. He also briefly introduced several libraries that look really interesting, and ended with a whirlwind tour through a JavaScript codebase that used most of the things he'd talked about. The pace was pretty fast but not too fast; it kept me paying attention.

Overall both talks were packed with information and fun. Great job.

Lots of great information in the JavaScript section. I didn't attend the morning half so I can't rate it. Concepts were explained quickly and clearly and covered a lot of ground.

Really enjoyed it. Some of the Javascript was a bit over my head, but that's a good thing.

The presentations were a great introduction to HTML 5. I would have liked to see a bit of <canvas>, but as you mentioned, perhaps that would have required too much time.

Thanks for giving the talks!

Caught Jakes presetnation in the morning sessions. Nice expaination of the topic. Might look for higher contrast and larger examples on some of the clever backgound patterns so they will show better on the projecters most conferences have.

I really enjoyed both presentations. Both Jake and Daniel were very well versed in the technologies and answered questions knowledgeably. Their personable approach and obvious skills helped make their presentation smooth and enjoyable.

This was one of the best HTML5 talks that I've seen so far. Jake and Daniel really know what they are talking about it and present in a clear, easily understandable way.

I would have liked to have seen a bit less about jQuery and more about the other frameworks, but the overview of underscore.js was great.

great workshop guys. I can't wait to (over)use the fancy CSS3 styles

Solid talk and slides from both of you, I was a little disappointed it took all day... wish the schedule would have reflected that the morning was different from the afternoon talk so I could have planned accordingly.

This talk was really beneficial and applicable to what I'm working on. I hadn't dived much into many of the new HTML5 tags yet, so this was an awesome introduction! I really liked the section on CSS selectors.


I agree with most of the previous comments - this was a terrific dive into the subject and both these guys are great presenters.

Great tutorial day session by two very knowledgeable people on the subjects. I feel much less hesitant to use these new technologies than before. Thanks.

Anonymous at 10:22 on 29 May 2012

I learned quite a bit in this presentation, very easy to understand and well delivered by both presenters. Awesome job guys!