Iterators in PHP


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Anonymous at 09:52 on 25 May 2012

Another good in-depth presentation with helpful slides and bundle.

I did notice from your tutorial day talk and this one, you tend to talk to the screen a lot during your presentation, which puts your back to half or all of the audience most of the time you're speaking. I can understand occasionally pointing to the screen in direct relation to something you're saying but it seems like you're watching the presentation along with us at times. If you need to see your slides to keep yourself on track, just take a step back and look at your computer screen so your face stays forward. I know a lot of people don't like being behind the podium, but standing next to it can't hurt. ;)

Iterators are a bit of a mind bending subject if you're not used to them (perhaps the words iterator and recursive messes people up) but Jake did a great job of demystifying them. He gave many practical examples of how doing certain tasks can be made much easier through the use of Iterators.

I really liked Jake's slides. The code was clear and concise and he didn't use much fanciness which can sometimes be distracting.

I can agree with anonymous about the talking to the screen sometimes.

I attended both Iterator talks and they were very similar. Not sure why Tek had two talks so closely related. Exact same material at times.

As I said in the comment on the other Iterator talk, I would appreciate more real world examples and not just examples involving arrays. They tend to leave me scratching my head with "Yeah, but where would I really use this?" and "Why would I not just use an array?"

I liked the verbal example of processing an RSS feed. How about using that as an example, instead of arrays of numbers?

Other than that, I know Jake knows the subject matter and delivers his talk in a friendly tone. Just needs to face us more. :)

Not to pile on, but I noticed the 'talking to the screen' factor too. I was somewhat familiar with iterators, but this was a good refresher that filled in some gaps in my knowledge. Jake is obviously knowledgeable and delivers a presentation very well.

Enjoyed the talk a lot. Jake really knows his stuff and I think this was an awesome introduction into the SPL's iterators.

I talked a bit about why iterators (or the spl in general) should be used (to separate business logic with your iterator logic). Unfortunally, my talk might have been a little bit more for the people who already used the SPL, and I totally get why iterators looks confusing and arrays seem to look like a safe haven in that case. Next time: come up to the speaker and ask the question, we would love to help you try to understand the usage if it wasn't clear enough during the talks (as said during the talks: you can always email / twitter / irc us!).

Nice job on the talk. I have not jumped into the iterators yet but this talk gave enough information I will look more at them. Learned a few things in other areas that washed over during the talk as well. Bonus!