It's More Than Just Style


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Very underrated complimentary tool for your testing tools

Great examples of real world practicality.

Interesting how much can be done with just codesniffer, particularly the sections about sniffs run on the unit tests. LB balanced covering the practical, organisational problems well against describing what can be done and the benefits of doing so.

Great presentation. Coding Standards are a key part of code quality, and LB does a great job of showing how and why we enforce them.

Great talk. She provided many examples where code sniffer would help wrangle in bad behavior/habits. Very knowledgable on the subject matter.

Very informative talk. I had thought CodeSniffer was really just there for general purpose things, but it can be used to help not only force coding standards, but in many other ways.

VERY interesting talk, very informative and very helpful. It was a ton to take in though and went very quickly. I took as many notes as I could, and plan to go over them later, as well as going over the slides when they are posted.

I particularly like the idea of using sniffs for unit tests. Some of the information was duplicated from the tutorial day presentation, but I still walked away with new things on my todo/investigate list, which makes a good talk in my book. Any criticism I have would be the length/pacing, but the extended Q&A time was good.

Very informative talk. I picked up quite a few new things that the PHP CodeSniffer could accomplish, enough so that I've added it to the top of my list of things to implement at work. I suspect LB might be getting newb questions from me in the upcoming days on getting everything working well. :)