Javascript Best Practices & BackboneJS for the PHP Developer


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Great job. Good explanations of the principles and fun presentation

Great talk, excellent simple to the point slides, and awesome energy! AAA

This was a huge presentation - lots to take in & absorb quickly. Great high-speed fly by of how to spin up Backbone.js for your applications, though. I just wish I'd heard this right BEFORE Ed's talk about "Fattening Your JS" instead of after!

Anonymous at 15:41 on 24 May 2012

Informative and fun

Really fun presentation. Great content and hit on the most confusing things in javascript for developers. Very informed speaker.

This was a great presentation. Ryan really knows what he is talking about and is an engaging (and engaged) speaker. Both a positive and negative, there was a ton of information being presented very quickly. Lots to absorb.

Really enjoyed this - fast-paced and very enthusiastic presentation. Lots of JS things *clicked* for me as a result of this talk - self-calling objects, scope stuff and the like. Good stuff.

Excellent, very informative.

Intensly fast and fun.

I admit i don t fallow evrything, but I catch the major point.

Nice to meet you !

Ryan is a great and energetic presenter. The talk was well thought out and covered the subject matter quite well. Ryan's approach of reversing the talk and teaching us the "wrong way" of doing things to demonstrate the "right way" was innovative but sort of confused me as a listener. Perhaps with a few more tweaks Ryan might be able to more clearly distinguish between which techniques are right and which are wrong.

Nice talk. Presenter really knows the topic well. However, due to such a large topic in a limited time space along with the speakers energy/excitement it led to very quick coverage and fast talking for too many slides. At times I simply couldn't keep up as the next wave of info washed over my head. Slowing down just a bit would have helped me alot. (Oh, and nice Mario outfit!)

It was great to meet Ryan at this conference, and he is a very energetic speaker. He covered a lot of material in a short time, but I think he could pull it off with the examples available from github to follow along.

The use of bad examples and bad rules were pretty funny and engaging. The slides were pretty humorous and I felt it kept me engaged in the talk really well.

The only one thing I can think of to point out. There were a few times where I did get confused for a little bit when Ryan would say something and I wasn't sure if he was being serious or joking about a bad practices. Within a few minutes of showing an example, it was clear whether he was joking or not. My suggestion would be to make sure each character only said bad or good things, and consider Ryan a character. So if ever making a "bad rule" statement Ryan could say "Mario thinks..." or "Peach says..." just so its always clear if a statement is a sarcastic bad rule, or is a good rule. If that makes sense. :P

Once again, thats me being very picky, it was a really great talk, my only suggestion on improving an already great talk. :)