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Great talk for a Keynote. Slides were a little bare ;) But it worked for the presentation. I think it did it's job of inspire people to get involved in the Community.

Great presentation!

Only suggestion: Hold all "sign up for an awesome exclusive service" announcements until *after* the talk! (It's hard to pay attention while signing up)

Good stuff. Great talk for PHP developers.

Yay, Cal thinks I'm awesome! Great talk. I think/hope this will inspire people to get involved in the amazing community that is the PHP community. Cal is not lying, User Groups are always looking for speakers.....so start speaking damn it!

Really enjoyed Cal's talk. It's hard to be inspiring at 9:00 am, and yet he managed to do an awesome job of it.

Excellent keynote! It's always nice to be reminded that we're !Normal, but that it's a good thing.

Cal's enthusiasm is infectious. Amazing talk, very inspiration. Let your geek flag fly!

Cal is probably one of my favorite speakers. Always inspiring, always entertaining.

Anonymous at 11:31 on 23 May 2012

excellent points about the PHP community and what makes us different.

Cal, the effervescent morning guy, brings it home in a rousing presentation focusing on the PHP community. Thanks Cal!

Cal was terrific and inspiring as always. Don't miss an opportunity to hear him speak on *any* topic.

Really inspiring!

Very inspiring talk!

Cal's superb community insights! Must see!!!

Excellent talk and a good topic to focus on! Community involvement is what can make the difference between a lone developer trudging through the muck to get by and an inspired developer that soars (and builds some cool shit! )

We aren't normal, but in a good way. Cal captures and lets us know why.

Anonymous at 15:37 on 24 May 2012

Engaging talk, even when half the listeners were at least a little hungover.

Great talk, Cal! I'm honored to be part of the community you are helping to lead, encourage, and inspire.

This was a great talk that I thoroughly enjoyed. It was amazing how many people I hear referring back to Cal's talk throughout the conference. The term "we are not normal" was heard on numerous occasions and was worn as a badge of honour.

Cal is an awesome speaker, it was early and yet he made it very entertaining and motivating. Awesome job cal!