PHAR, The PHP .EXE Format


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Talk was very good, speaker was very energetic. I think it could have been better if he'd started with "Here's how you make one" which I'm not entirely clear on at the moment - but it was certainly enough to get me interested and looking into phar files.

Covered a lot of ground for getting started with Phar files and some of the tips and tricks. Wasn't the easiest to follow as the talk jumped around a bit.

Awesome overview of the parts of .phar and different ways to use them.

Some handy tips on Phar, and the features available. Thought the PharData note was particularly helpful, as was the look at the default stub.


I will try to do some Phar.

But it was missing how to start IRL

A super-quick "start off with code, then here is how package into a phar" example would be a nice addition to the slide deck. Overall a wery informative presentation. I'd love to hear more about what approaches people are taking to debug phar packaged code since manually dropping a print statement in seems difficult/impossible?

This talk definitely piqued my interest into Phar, but I did start to get a little confused and felt there could have been more examples on how to get started and seeing it in action.

Maybe some of the reason I didn't get as much out of it as I could was that I was feeling the effects of the previous night's partying, so it was a bit hard to concentrate.

I think Phar is (going to be) an increasingly popular format. Talk was good overall, great information and code examples, perhaps needs focus on the structure to make it flow better + a full working example of how to build one (live demo?)

I really enjoyed the presentation. I found it helpful to see where it has ended up. I tried using it a few years back and didn't enjoy it all, after this presentation I definitely want to look into it again.