PHP://Memory and Streams for Scaling


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The crowd discussion was better than the talk, just was expecting more example

Another solid talk! Well done, Neal!

Felt a bit like two separate presentations, which is okay, but I kind of was expecting from the title of the talk to see more directly how using php://memory, etc. benefitted scaling. This might be lost on some attendees, without more concrete examples. Neal said early on that he still playing with memory streams, and was essentially reporting what he'd learned so far, so I'm happy.

Second half of the presentation had good overview of tips for things to monitor/watch out for, but would be good to have a summary of them listed on the slides. Good verbal content, but slides were just a bit sparse in this regard.

I like the fact that he encourages questions in context during the talk, instead of making people wait to the end. No problem with volume from attendees asking questions, but people might benefit from your repeating their questions.

I liked the live code examples; ensure that any downloads or slides allow the reader to reproduce the steps taken during the presentation.

Good job!

Honestly, I think Clark said everything I had to say (and pretty much already said to Neal in person.)

Great talk. Need concrete real world examples to allow the info to really hit home and be able to bring it back to work. Some of the slides during the second portion were to sparse for later reference as well. Live demo was fantastic.

Interesting talk, as difficult to see the relation between the interesting discussion on streams and the interesting discussion on scaling. Neal was very confident and comfortable interacting with the audience, and the content was enjoyable, but the disconnect between the two halves was significant.

Anonymous at 21:55 on 24 May 2012

I was fairly disapointed. It was basically "Hey, I stumbled across php://memory, its kind of cool but I don't know what its good for but hey, it might be useful"

When asked for a real world example of what it was good for, he didn't know. Very shoddily thrown together presentation. Very few slides. Lots of silence as he stared at his screen.

The two halves of the talk didn't really fit together. The discussion of memory and temp was more like a demo than a presentation. I think it would be better to expand from those to a general discussion of streams rather than skipping over to scalability.

Neal is clearly smart and knows his PHP. It did feel like two talks and the php://memory stuff is what brought me and there was no real example of how and how you should use that.