Puppet for Dummies


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Anonymous at 16:55 on 23 May 2012


Some good information about managing a large number of servers centrally. I especially liked the ability to have your configurations checked into version control. Would have liked to have gone more in depth on handling differences between clients with different roles.

Anonymous at 06:44 on 24 May 2012

Good presentation. Didn't realize that puppet could be useful for small companies as well. I really would have liked to see the live demo though so I definitely will attend the hackaton. Also, thanks for the free shirt!

A few details (modules, classes) were skipped over and made the examples harder to follow. Could benefit from adding a "Why Puppet over X" section. Good discussion of gotchas like the OS differences.

As probably already seen on twitter, posting a useless "meh" anonymously doesn't serve any purpose except wasting time and bandwidth.

If there are things you didn't like - about me - about the presentation - about ANYTHING - either come to me personally and we can discuss it, post it anonymously or privately (also an option). This way we can improve the talk, my speaking or anything else that bothers you. If you were expecting something else, that's cool too, just tell us, so we can maybe change the abstracts a bit, so I - and all the other speakers who will read this - can try and improve things.

If things weren't clear - and I admit, I did some last minute cutting of some slides in order to get the vagrant stuff in - I will be at the hackaton giving some more detailed info about puppet and vagrant so you can come and watch and ask questions on how to do stuff. In the end - we are here for you guys and we are happy to help you with any problem you have. Srsly :)

Anonymous at 09:16 on 24 May 2012

I apologize for my "meh".

The talk was out of my interest area and I should have gone to a different one. I should not have given the "meh" rating. It was childish. I am sorry.

Interesting introduction to puppet and related tools. Best part for me was discovering Augeas and MCollective - I've never used MCollective, and had never even heard for Augeas, which just looks massively useful.

That's cool though :) Not everybody likes everything :)

I'm new to Puppet and Vagrant, so this was a good intro. Thanks!

I enjoyed it. Puppet is something I only first heard about a few months ago. Great presentation.

Interesting simple, not too fast, not too much !

This was a nice high level overview of Puppet and a few other related tools. Joshua did a nice job explaining why you would use Puppet and assuring us that it may seem intimidating to newcomers but is not that complicated and make the job of managing your infrastructure much easier and better.

This talk has inspired me to look more into Puppet and learn how to unleash some of it's awesome power.

Very informational, and nice talk to break the ice for audience. This is a new technology for me, so would have been nice to see more example. But the talk led me in the right direction to find out more on my own.

Perhaps include more on Vagrant and the use of puppet for development environments.

I admit I got to this presentation late, so I missed likely was the most difficult thing I've had in the past which is setting up puppet correctly on my master server as well as the slaves on all my machines. But the parts I did catch were very informative and pretty good. I was surprised people skipped the live demo and chose the other option, but it was all good none the less. :)

Perhaps in the future this could be a 3 hour tutorial, since Puppet is one of those technologies that really can use some hands on learning, and would be easy to spend 3 hours covering how to use it.

I really enjoyed the presentation. There was certainly a lot to digest but it provided excellent exposure to what the tool is capable of and was enough to drive further interest for me. Thank you.