(Re)discovering the SPL


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Great talk on SPL, too bad you didn't had any examples of use cases for some of the SPL topics you covered. Non the less, a great talk

Had been expecting a more cookbook style presentation, pointing our the edge cases is good for those who have used it before

I came to this talk expecting more of a practical example format, but I'm still glad to have gotten some pointers about the weird dark corners of how this stuff is implemented.

Good talk about the edge cases. Would have liked more practical information and how to use it more. Very interesting about how stuff is implemented, though.

A great talk. Gained insight into many unknowns of the SPL. Joshua is very knowledgeable on this subject.

Good talk - a bit above my head, but it gives me some research to do. Thanks!

I think this was a good talk. I think you ended up spending too much time on iterators and didn't leave enough time for all the other SPL topics you mentioned. Overall a good talk.

Lots of info here - would have perhaps preferred a few more examples of the non-iterator SPL topics too, but plenty to take away, and well presented.

Anonymous at 07:56 on 25 May 2012

A little more variety in the SPL topics covered would have been nice, but you definitely have a crazy amount of knowledge of the inner workings of PHP.

I have heard a few talks about SPL and am still looking for real world examples. The theoretical ones always seem to use arrays as an example, and that just leads me down the road of "Why not just use arrays?"