Scaling Your Development Team


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Scott, thanks for the insight into how the culture of development works at Facebook. It was really interesting to see the tools that you guys use as well as hear a little about how that has impacted the development lifecycle. Even more interesting was learning about the culture where the development happens and what that looks like.


Great not just to hear about the culture and tech but to actually see the tools in use.

While this was an amazing insight into how Facebook handles a large development team, I was expecting more of something I could take with me to manage a team currently. I would love to have a team the size of Facebook's, but fact is very very few companies will scale that big.

Many of the tools that FB uses are not available to my team now.

I did appreciate the insight into FB. And the explanation that they do code review on EVERYTHING that is released. So there were some great nuggets of information in the presentation, it was fun, and Scott's accent is fun to listen to. :)

I think it boils down to, I personally need to read the description of the talks and not just the title. My fault for setting expectations based on just the title. I am judging the book by the title. :(