Slim Your PHP, Fatten Your JS


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Really appreciated the in depth code examples, and learned some new techniques for modular JS.

Anonymous at 07:59 on 25 May 2012

Very interesting ideas. You're also an easy speaker to listen to.

Ed's JS talks are always a pleasure, this was a great example of using Backbone.js to sit on top of a basic PHP API and how to construct it.

I love hearing Ed speak and I felt he did a good job explaining how to use Backbone.js. The pace was a little quick and the JS used was a little advanced. I think to get the most out of this talk you would have had to have already looked at a "getting started with Backbone.js tutorial". Fortunately I had already gone through such a tutorial a week or so previous. If not, you could probably do one after the fact, which might make Ed's approach make a little more clear.

I liked the example app that was written. This was definitely focused on application type sites, and not your standard website. This is currently not doable for anyone looking for SEO to get better rankings for your website. However, web apps are definitely the future, and offloading some of the processing to the browser has some great advantages.

I enjoyed learning about some of the different tools that Ed used to make his app work.

Nicely done. Didn't expect as much as I got from this talk. I will be digging into this topic much more and now have more direction to dig. Thanks Ed.

I'm a big fan of show and then explain talks, and Ed does them really well. He was able to show a working example, open up his IDE and Developer tools and showed how the tools work under the hood. For me, personally, this type of demonstration really helps me "get" newer topics better.

Perhaps maybe the presentation abstract could have stated more clearly that a previous intro to Backbone.js would have been useful, but that is the only fault I really could find. I didn't really notice anyone struggling to keep up with the presentation, so maybe people new to Backbone.js would be fine.