Solving the N+1 Problem: Or, A Stitch in Time Saves Nine


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Anonymous at 13:37 on 23 May 2012

Good lookin chap with lots of good things to say.

Great coverage of the N+1 problem and solution.

I'd encourage you to update your opening benchmarks to use MySQLi instead of the dated MySQL.

This was great. I was thunderstruck by the performance benchmarks within the first several slides about benchmarking the under layers of your app. Then I emailed my former employer with some insight about how to lose an order of magnitude from the blog comment system I built there...

Excellent and engaging talk. Good job

Always a good talk by Paul

Thoughtful broad coverage of a common query issue.

Great talk by an engaging speak. Very smart, lots of great data to back up assertions.

Excellent talk. Don't forget to post your slides.

Link to the Aura project:

As always Paul is informative and entertaining, while responding gracefully to the unexpected.

Excellent and energetic presentation. The benchmarks showing the performance loss just to the minimal stack, while tangential to the main discussion on reducing sql queries, was thought-provking.

Excellent presentation. Paul gets his message across with a high level of knowledge and enthusiasm. His code examples were concise, and he spent just the right amount of time on them for the audience to 'get it' before moving on.

Excellent! Brought out a mindset that most developers don't use, while needs may vary for different caching instances. The idea of building arrays from a collection rather than building a collection from single records is something every developer should be familiar with. Great energy with the presentation as well. One of the highlights of my day!

This was an excellent lecture; and although I do not personally administer the SQL db or even the SQL API at my company it had some very compelling concepts and a strong incentive to use well as suggestions for a helpful library or two to get started. Hopefully we will be able to move away from CRUD and towards BREAD where I work and reap some performance benefits in the process.

It was a rock solid talk. Every point was well explained and it is clear that Paul is quite knowledgeable and does his homework.

On another note I think Paul has a great Radio voice and it reminds me of Alan Cross whom I greatly admire.