Web Security and You


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Anonymous at 15:52 on 23 May 2012

Nice guy. Great site. Covered the basics. Well done.

Covered the basics, along with some basic solutions. We've all probably heard pieces of this information at other points in time, but I thought the collection of attack types and solutions was very useful. Also, I liked the fact that Eli didn't create a false sense of security here and pointed out that this is the first line of defense to discourage curious meddlers. Good talk!

Very interesting talk, learned some new tricks !

Excellent talk; some of it was refresher and some of it was new to me but all of it was presented in an informative and engaging way. The speaker was very personable and, the slides clean and well done and I took copious notes from this talk. Thanks!

very well done talk

Anonymous at 09:46 on 25 May 2012

great talk. very informative. will you post slides?

Awesome job and I learned something new. I already knew many of the attack vectors, but the hidden iframe example was great.

Eli had great examples and tried to get the point across that there is no 100% method. You need to lock your doors to keep honest people honest. If someone wants in, they will break a window, meaning we are just making it harder for a would be hacker. Most hackers and not real hackers, just kids trying to get away with something.

Great review.

Maybe speak a little about pen test or how to find it in IRL project.

Very nice overview of what kinds of things you should be aware of when devising your security strategy. Eli gave some good examples of different attack vectors, and how to defend against them.