Highly Scalable Web Applications


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Great talk! Lots of info about scaling through MySQL, which is really where you've got to scale. Eli clearly knows his stuff, and anyone who missed this talk missed out. Well done, Eli.

Good talk, although i think partitions could also be served via mysql 5.1+. Also NGINX is a great low mem load balance, we use it to create a hash map, if a server doesn't respond for X time it will drop it from the hash, but also nginx can retry the request until it does load ( so that the EU never get a 404 or connection issue.) while it support fcgi , i highly suggest using apache on the webheads for module php and nginx to decide which web head to send a request to.

Very good talk on vertical and horizontal db partitioning , if mysql 5.1 with additional iscsi/fiber cards is not an option.

Eli has an amazing ability to take complex concepts and make them easily understandable to all. I enjoyed how he progressed from beginning to OMG levels showing the decisions and techniques to use.