Rapid web app development with Model-View-Controller frameworks has become enormously popular in the past few years, but the learning curve can be steep. This three-hour tutorial session will ease you into MVC development by taking a practical, down-to-earth approach. We'll start with basic MVC concepts, see how they're used in a popular PHP framework (CodeIgniter), and build an application from scratch, including a web front-end and an API.

Topics covered:

- What is MVC, and why is it useful in web app dev
- Best practices in app structure
- Differences in MVC implementation between frameworks
- How to keep things simple and comprehensible
- Creating APIs for 3rd-party developers


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A very interesting discussion in the beginning about the history of MVC, and variations on the concept. Ending with a good introduction to how CodeIgniter does MVC.

Great introduction to MVC, nice look at CodeIgniter