Web Application Security Boot Camp


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Lots of good info but pretty basic stuff that every developer should know. Need that extra oomph. Still, overall a phenomenal talk.

I agree with brandon, it was a great primer and review on security but could use a little bit more oomph. Overall, amazing talk that gave me some things to chew on.

Sufficient coverage of the basics with practical examples. Was hoping to learn something new, but had seen relatively similar talks in the past (such as Chris Shiflett's Security 2.0 talk) and was disappointed as a result. A bit dry, though saved by an occasional bit of humor. Agree with previous comments: it's a good talk, not a great talk.

Have to agree, its an awesome talk for the beginners who do not know where to go yet, but for more weathered users, we need the extra "something" to go beyond. But a great session to remember stuff you should not forget.