/dev/hell live podcast


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It was great to see the "gruesome twosome" in action! As entertaining as the are to listen to, they are even more entertaining in person. Watching each of them react to what his counterpart was saying was well worth the price of admission.

Oh, and it was also very informative!

I'd like to rate this...but...I don't know.

Chris and Ed (or Grump & Funk), are pretty great to listen to. They are just similar enough to be able to talk about stuff, yet completely different in other ways to make it really interesting, and the end result is a great listen.

But ultimate, eh, I don't know. ;)

Very entertaining watching these guys responding basically off-the-cuff to whatever the audience threw at them, including the occasional heckling

/dev/hell is the best and worst of Chris and Ed. And the end result is one of the best podcasts for the dev community. Having a live audience to interact with made this episode over the top fantastic.

Or something. I dont know.

I don't know, but I guess this was one of the most entertaining talks I've been to this tek. This should become a regular staple of future teks!

Had a lot of fun watching Ed and Chris record this; while the entertainment value is very high, there's a lot of good information here. Whether it was Chris talking about Pair Programming or Ed talking about code formatting, it's actually very refreshing to hear two knowledgeable programmers who don't take themselves so seriously all the time. I also appreciate the time they took afterwards to hang out and talk for a bit. Ed is also my tab-using Hoosier homey.

Big fan of both these guys and the podcast - even better with the live audience. They are always very informative and entertaining. They've been described as "Statler and Waldorf" and I'd have to agree.