A Hands-on Introduction to Writing Unit Tests Using PHPUnit


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Good walkthrough of getting started with PHPUnit.

This was an excellent session! Harrie managed quite well despite spotty wifi and a couple technical challenges. He was able to help people with issues in their own environments and still cover all the material. Having just struggled through learning PHPUnit a couple months ago, this filled in some gaps nicely and I came away with some tricks to try next time I am writing unit tests.

There's a bit of set up and I struggled to keep up with writing tests without errors. Harrie's tests always ran perfectly. I didn't get my IDE configured for code completion. Someone helped me 'git' the solutions so I can fix my errors. Harrie covered a lot of different topics including mock objects, writing testable code, test driven development, and the value of dependency injection especially as it relates to unit testing. I look forward to reducing the CRAP in my code.

Harrie offered a fantastic introduction for any developer looking to get his or her feet wet with PHPUnit and PHP. Progressing logically from the most basic tests to the fundamentals of mocking objects and database fixtures, Harrie packed a ton of great information in to three short hours.

I learned a tremendous amount from this talk. Harrie used clear and simple examples and provided a really good set of demo classes/methods to work with. Harrie is clearly knowledgable and passionate about this topic.