API First


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Great discussion of building an API first even discussing how to "sell" it. Thanks for the information, it really got me thinking about the architecture of our system.

I truly enjoyed this talk. Ben did a great job at explaining how a good API design is beneficial in all aspects of development and maintenance. He also explained how to transition legacy code to using an API. Ben is a very good public speaker; easy to hear, speaks at a rate that is easy for listeners to soak in what was just said before moving on to next thing, and pauses at appropriate times.

This was my first time seeing Ben speak, very good information. I could tell Ben was very comfortable with the information he was presenting, good mix of solid information and humor.

I enjoyed Ben's relaxed delivery and the principles were solid. But I didn't learn what an API looks like and how to go about creating one.

Good coverage of the background and principles involved in pitching and doing API-first systems.