Building Web Apps from a New Angle


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Awesome example on combining php, symfony and angularjs

Muy buena Pablo. Gracias!

I loved hearing about AngularJS. I'm looking forward to playing with it on my own. My only suggestions is before talking about the details of the code, have a slide listing what files you will be explaining, how the files interact with each other and give a high level description. Explain that you will be showing the difference between not using AngularJS and using AngularJS. If you did give any of this information, I apologize for missing it. This was a new topic for me, and a lot of new information to soak in.

The new angle is of course using AngularJS. I haven't used JS or templating so it was all new to me but I thought Pablo did a good job of highlighting the the awesome features you get when using twig with AngularJS.