Composer for Busy Developers


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Great talk. I've been using composer for a little while but it's clear after this talk that there is a lot more there that I need to look into. Really cool stuff.

Thank you.

Great introduction to composer for the beginner.

Learned a lot of great tips on using Composer. Unfortunately I walked in 10 minutes late so I didn't catch all of it... but I walked away with a bunch of new knowledge about `require`, `autoload`, and the `.lock` files!

Excellent talk. I think this is actually the first time I see Raphael speak and I'm quite impressed with the content as well as the delivery.

The talk is easy to understand and follow because it's well structured. In the beginning of the talk we know what we're going to see.

The slide design is also very good and I like Raphael's humor.

I learned a lot and Raphael covers the most important things starting at the beginner level and going to a more advanced level throughout the talk.

Conference organizers: select this talk, invite Raphael!

Excellent comprehensive overview. I thought I knew composer well but Rafael taught me several new things. Nice slice deck too.

Excellent overview of Composer!

Excellent overview of Composer!

Anonymous at 10:01 on 17 May 2013

You did a good job on composer stuff. Keep the good job. I like how simple and engaging the presentation was. Learned a lot!

Great talk for Composer. I'm definitely going to implement this into my projects from here on out.

Very very educated talk on composer. Most of the things are already in use at my company but there were some many new bits.

Rafael is an amazing speaker, and I've enjoyed this talk more than once. There's so much info in the talk that it was too much for me (not in a bad way), so I *love* the slides. They read like documentation, so all the cool tricks I heard about will be available here shortly. Great job, man.

Well organized, very informative session. Most certainly going to be using Composer in the near future.

Awesome presentation! Rafael did a great job at introducing Composer to those who were unfamiliar with it or little experience, explaining how to get composer and setup to use it. He transitioned into more complex uses of Composer. His slides will be very useful for those who either missed the talk or need to review what was said during the talk. He is a great public speaker.

Didn't know you can have your own Composer repository. Thanks.

Great presentation, good slides and Rafael has great stage presence. Good information, good job!

I agree with others regarding the awesomeness of the content and the delivery. I had only heard about Composer prior to the talk. It's nice to know there is 'a better way'.

Rafael knows why composer came about and is obviously thrilled with how it solves so many problems with ease - which he clearly illustrated.