Mentoring Developers


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Great talk! I am inspired!

Insightful talk and well illustrated with Star Wars references!

Elizabeth's passion for mentoring really came to light in this talk, the slides were really great and the Star Wars references were great conceptual tools. +1 for dressing up too. The content was really inspiring. There were a couple spots where some of the ideas could have been explained a bit more concisely, but those didn't do anything to take away from inspiration of this talk. Job well done!

It was clear that Liz is supremely passionate about mentoring. I know she inspired me to work more with my mentor, as well as to become available as a mentor myself.

The content in this talk was really helpful-- I especially loved the breakdown of how to mentor beginning, intermediate, and advanced developers. I am in a position where I'm doing a whole lot of the latter, but didn't know how to think of it except as the former.

Also, it was very well scheduled, as it got me all pumped up for the mentorship summit!