Overview of Symfony2 for Beginners


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Nice overview with good code examples. Would have been nice to see where the files were in the app structure, maybe to include them all in the code because coding along with you was hard to keep up with at times.

Great job. Appreciated the explanations given, very good English!

Anonymous at 12:03 on 14 May 2013

Great workshop!! Thanks.

Great as a talk, but a little tough as a hand-on tutorial. If I missed a command or got behind, it was a bit tough to get caught up.

Fast paced intro to the framework: front controller, routing and forms. Talked about pros and cons of various routing formats and demonstrated use of annotations as appropriate for a tutorial. Learned about the app/console program and how to generate a user app bundle. I I was unable to configure my (windows) apache to see the rendered results - would be nice to get the setup before the tutorial. I'm looking forward to hearing from Andreas about the Symfony2 components.

enjoyed the talk and the hands-on. will definitely be spending more time with symfony!

It was a great intro to Symfony2 to learn about what it can do and how it does it (I've only heard of it before). It seemed to lose its focus as a hands-on session towards the end when you made quick changes in the code and flipped to see the result. I didn't have a chance to test it for myself at that speed, though I did manage to follow along still. Setup during the session was a pain (Windows) as I wasn't even setup for local development. The talk might be a great intro without the hands on part given the time constraints.

Thanks for a great intro to Symfony2!