Performance Perpetrators: Profiling for Professionals


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Anonymous at 14:41 on 15 May 2013

great talk. thanks for giving hints on xhprof use. also demos were quite straightforward.

Anonymous at 14:49 on 15 May 2013

Derick's talks are always worthwhile.

Awesome talk, i really appreciate the real time code examples.

Anonymous at 09:01 on 16 May 2013

I attended this talk because it's a topic that I have very little experience. I now have a better understanding of what areas apps tend to have performance issues, and how to detect if MY app has any of these issues. I have much more to learn with this topic, but now, I'm not so afraid to tackle this concern. Thank you for your presentation.

Quite thorough. A bit of an aside, would be nice to shoehorn a mention of Graphviz.

Derick covered a wide array of tools and concepts in the span of 60 minutes. The topics throughout the talk were well-structured and built upon each other.

poor performance is almost never due to php code so don't look to fix your php first. check your db queries! then io (vmstat, iostat). If it is your code, understand and then use Derick's debug tools. Maybe practice failure while learning these to understand performance.

Great set of tools for keeping an eye on your applications. Definitely some good ideas to implement.

Anonymous at 22:54 on 23 May 2013

Perhaps I wasn't the target audience-- this was listed as advanced, and I don't have a ton of experience with profiling-- but I found this talk hard to follow. I was in the back, so it was hard to hear Derick and to read the (often too dense) slides. I was hoping more for profiling techniques/concepts, but it seemed the content ended up being mostly a list of tools.

Thanks for the overview. With PHP being designed as an HTML templating language, it surprising how many people ignore the ancillary overhead (TCP, Javascript) and focus on the code to little effect.