PHP and Node.js Together


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Good introduction to node.js basics. Would be good to see more ways to interact between PHP and node.js or a bit more of the PHP side of the code. The node code was simple to understand but it was not clear how PHP was being used in your chronicles application.

Anonymous at 12:49 on 15 May 2013

I would have like to see more interaction with PHP/Node from a code standpoint, but as a total Node n00b I feel like I got enough information out of this talk to start investigating and using node for my own projects. Your speaking rate and volume was good, the slides were designed well too. More PHP/Node examples and I think you've got a winner!

While more of an overview of how node.js works rather than PHP/node.js working together, it sparked ideas of where in my PHP code we could start leveraging node.js (particularly to improve performance and user experience. Worth it just for that. Thanks!

This was an awesome introduction to node.js. Chris provided some real-world examples on not only *how* node.js and PHP can work together but also *why* you would want to work with them together. I would have liked to have heard a bit more on the theory/inner-workings of node.js.

It was great talk but more about node than PHP + node.

It was great talk but more about node than PHP + node.

Great Node.js intro, but like other's have said I would have like some more PHP integration.

What is all this JS stuff? OK, Node.JS looks like a useful tool with Redis a message queue and websockets? The talk could use a little more focus on a theme and take home lesson.