Practicing Failure


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Great insightful talk! I'm sure this will provoke some great conversation and reflection.

Very insightful! Great to hear from an engineer-type with successful experience running a large organization

Anonymous at 10:49 on 15 May 2013

Excellent talk, can't think of any criticisms

Anonymous at 12:13 on 15 May 2013

Interesting talk. Too bad you fail to recognize that the violence of the political method is destroying society, rather than benefiting it. Guess I should've worn my Murray Rothbard "Enemy of the State" T-shirt.

Great, informative talk. Thanks!

Awesome presentation, great job!

Excellent presentation

I liked the energy and feeling behind this talk, there were a few times where it seemed like some of the responses to question were a little dragged out. Good key note

Practicing failure... Generated so many ideas I hope I can take back and start integrating into our teams. Solid presentation from start to finish.

Had great pieces of information in there that can help with more than just programming. Thanks for taking the time afterwards to talk about stuff too.

This was a great example of a talk done right, I'll remember to aspire to this level.

Very well delivered.

Talk about changing the world with software! Kudos!

Never heard of a run book until now - fabulous idea.

Harper is an incredible speaker who obviously has tons of experience with projects at scale. I love hearing talks that mix code & infrastructure.

Hope to see more talk by Harper in the (near) future.

Pictures of people nobody seemed to know but the words were powerful => Teams: diversity, trust, credit; Bees with machine guns; Facilitating community and practicing failure. Harper was a very engaging speaker.

Thanks for sharing your story! I learned how important testing is, and that if done right, it works!