Traits and Horizontal Design


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I've been struggling wrapping my head around traits for a while now. Not anymore! Mike did an excellent job of showing practical examples as well as answering all my questions. I'm very excited about using traits in upcoming projects.

Great presentation. I hope to use what I learn in projects soon.

Decent introduction to traits, but I felt that the presentation was missing one or two more use cases that would have solidified why/where one would use traits in my mind.

Thanks Luis! If there's anything I can do to help just let me know, and I'll definitely work on improving the presentation and trying to include more examples/ use-cases.

I have to admit that I had difficulties focusing between not being able to hear Mike very well, and feeling a bit tired and overwhelmed from all the other sessions already. Therefore, I suggest to Mike, and any other speaker, to take into consideration WHEN they are presenting. For example, in the morning, when I'm more alert, I probably would not have had problems hearing him and would have been able to focus more. In the afternoon, using a mike would have required less concentration on my part to just hear him.

Also, more examples of when and also when NOT to use traits would have left me feeling more confident in my understanding of traits.

I believe the information Mike presented was very valuable, just needs a bit of tweaking to his presentation.

Marion, thank you for your great feedback! I apologize about the audio difficulties, we did do a mic check, but it sounds like we need to be more thorough next time and ensure audio levels are good around the room. Again, I apologize for that. And thank you for your feedback on wanting more examples of when traits shouldn't be used. I will definitely work on improving this presentation.

Anonymous at 13:58 on 17 May 2013