UA Testing with Selenium and PHPUnit


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Excellent talk and information. I used selenium a few years back but thought that PHPUnit was dropping support for it. It's good to see that that's not the case and/or that it still works. Can't wait to try out Selenium Grid. Thank you.

Anonymous at 12:01 on 17 May 2013

Glad I attended. Material will be useful in my company.

Another good tool to put in my toolchest. Would have been good to go over the install portion a bit slower for those of us trying to follow inline.

This is a great topic to have at conferences. I appreciate the opportunity to learn about User Interface testing, and am looking forward to incorporating this into my projects. Michelangelo is a very good public speaker. I most definitely will attend his talks again, if given the opportunity.

Very well-presented. The video demos in particular were very effective, and you did a great job of narrating along with them. Wish I'd have sat closer to see some of the text better, but that's my fault. :) Definitely going to be implementing this with my dev team. I was trying to follow along with installation and missed where to download the thing that plugs Selenium into PHPUnit though, so I hope to see the slides soon!

Loved the talk and the info, this is something I want to start using, and Mike is an excellent presenter. My only gripe is I wanted more! A little more depth and a little more length would have made this one perfect.

Really great introduction to PHPUnit Selenium, great information about the firefox plugin. I would have liked to see an intro to WebDriver and some other ways to interact with Selenium via PHPUnit, especially since the talk ran a little short. The information that was there was very good though, and the presentation was engaging.

It was great to learn about the combo of Selenium and PHPUnit. I've never seen Selenium in action before but I followed along just fine. Would have liked to see some more information about setup given the time available at the end.