Web Acceptance Testing for Grumpy Programmers


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Good presentation, covered some nice tools such as behat, mink, and selenium2. Seriously though, I agree, if you don't learn CSS selectors you're gonna have a bad time.

Good presentation about the tools to use for web acceptance testing.

Good content, delivered quickly but not overwhelming. Helpful examples. Would have liked better color contrast given the room's lighting and projector (hard to see orange text in a yellow-lit room from the back) but that's hard to control for in advance. No reason to fight the swearing for the talk's sake, it fits the persona.

Excellent talk on testing. Definitely something I think all developers should be working on. The ginormous CSS selectors were odd though considering that they appeared to end in ids, but the points were still valid. Fun talk.

Awesome presentation, so much great information in a short time.

Bit fast paced due to the amount of information given, but a solid presentation to showcase the various tools and mindset behind BDD/WAT. Would love to see a bit more detail around the "Lessons Learned" portion.

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Anonymous at 16:23 on 15 May 2013

I wasn't on the conference but just checked the slides. Well done!

Anonymous at 02:09 on 16 May 2013

Definitely gonna check out phantomjs. sahi is a bitchallenging when all the feature branches are building.

A great talk from one of the leading testing 'evangelists'. Chris is knowledgable and passionate about WAT and testing in general. An inspiration!

A great talk, if a bit colorful at times. Could have used a Q/A session at the end.

Missing the QA session, but I think this was a function of timing & the fact that this was a first-time delivery.