Why PHP makes me sad: phpsadness.com


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Anonymous at 13:54 on 16 May 2013

Anonymous at 13:58 on 16 May 2013

a bit odd listening about problems in PHP from someone who doesn't use it for own projects, still was interesting.

Eric did a good job of exposing some curious misbehaviors in PHP, especially with regards to other languages. The theatrical reaction to the absurdities was a bit distracting.

Im glad im not the only one that gets sad sometimes.

I found this both informative and entertaining! Just the thing I need towards the end of day 2 when my brain is overwhelmed. Most definitely want to look into a few of those topics in more detail.

Eric did a great job presenting and of course, it's always hard to hear about the issues with the language so many of us use; but I thought he was a good sport about it as was the audience.