WordPress is Everywhere: Extreme Portability as a Double-Edged Sword


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Informative and passionate. Lots of useful information.

Great discussion of the issues in working everywhere. Important thoughts about deployment issues that affect design decisions.

The adoption stats are somewhat depressing, but it was a great talk, and a good wake-up call for *why* WP is still supporting 5.2, and will do so for a good long time.

Amazing insight to a platform I've been working with (and making a living off of) for years. I had no idea some of the challenges the WP team faces with such a large user base. My eyes have been opened.

Great talk. I may not agree with WP's decision to continue supporting PHP5.2, but it's very interesting to see the data that goes into that decision.

It was very informative, getting a better understanding of all that WP takes into account when making difficult tech decisions. Thought the speaker presented well and was engaging with the audience.

The stats alone made attending this talk worth it.

Nice keynote giving a different perspective from what most of us are used to.

I think was a perfect message to this audience. There's a challenge with most developers of things of the things that most to their immediate world, but not looking upstream to the whole reason they are paid to do what they do.... users! Would love to see this message resonate a bit more.

This was a very interesting peek into the inner working of the decision making process at Wordpress. While it may not relate to most of our daily jobs this provided very unique data into the creation of one of the most important pieces of PHP software.

Nacin did a great job of presenting it and backing the data with numbers and insights.

This keynote was a great look into the decision-making behind what is likely the most widely-deployed PHP application today. I found the stats on various PHP environments very interesting, and it clearly explained a lot of the "why" questions about Wordpress' development.

Combined with some lunch-table conversation later that afternoon, I came to understand how Wordpress is hanging in limbo between some really lousy environments in the wild and a PHP core team seeking to adopt an aggressive release cycle and leave older versions behind.

The stats and insights into the ecosystems that we developers should be aware of were awesome!

Great talk on why the Wordpress developers make the decisions they do, and also some great Q&A to wrap things up.

Loved the stats! It is truly amazing how diverse the server setups out there are! While not everyone agrees with the decision to support installation everywhere, as a user of Wordpress, I appreciate the effort you and your team go through to make it just work!

Keep chasing that long tail!