Your Code Sucks, Let's Fix It


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great talk, gave me defined rules that I always semi aware of. And it also gave me new rules I never even thought of.

Great talk. Easily-digestible way to work your way into some of the Clean Code principles. Easy to read slides. This would make a great lunch and learn for a team.

Excellent talk with really good slides. Good tips and rules of thumb for making your code.

This was a painful talk, but only because it all makes so much sense. I need to go home and start rewriting all my code! I will never look at code the same way again.

SOLID adaptation to php. I sent word back to the office: Code Calisthenics start Monday and will run for a month. Rafael was entertaining on point. I'm off to buy a thesaurus....

Great talk. Gave me some ideas on some code pieces that I really need to fix. Thanks!

Great talk! Makes me realize my code sucks!