Advanced Date/Time Handling with PHP


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very informative

Good talk on a very complex subject. Thank you!

Very informative talk. Looking forward to the book release.

Nice link list for more info at

cleared up a lot of things about date/time object. Thank you!

Great talk, gave a clear overview of the datetime functions (from the guy who wrote it!)

Super informative and well organized talk. Love listening to Derick. Well done!

Definitely an advanced talk, well worth if you have dealt with date time issues in the past/present. A lot of info for just an hour, maybe helpful to have a slide at the end with chapters/pages of the book for future reference.

Anonymous at 13:42 on 21 May 2014

Good presentation

Clear, concise and helpful talk.

Good talk, very informative. I'll have to buy the book

Solid time and date handling information, with some advice on best practices for storage and retrieval.

Great information about DateTime handling which is always complex to handle in a decent way.

Very informative talk that really highlighted some of the pitfalls and more importantly, the best practices for date/time handling.

Serious, useful, meat-and-potatoes tech talk with really useful content, from the expert. Thanks.