Building scalable PHP applications using Google’s App Engine


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Jason Ragsdale at 14:51 on 21 May 2014

Great talk, good information on Google app engine for php

Not an area I have familiarity with, so it is nice to be guided by Ian who shows a clear grasp on the subject. I appreciate his reviewing common pitfalls and false paths. Sometimes presenters have the final product and skip those details, which are helpful because sometimes the failure cases are where the experts really achieved their learning :) Also nice that Ian is a bit self deprecating when he delves into the areas where he is not as experienced.

Great intro to app engine, but I think it would be even better as a 3 hour tutorial so we could get our hands on using the free tier or even using the credits to get storage set up. Nice pace for an hour, though.

Mihail Irintchev at 14:54 on 21 May 2014

Very interesting talk, easy to follow. Very good lector.

Anonymous at 22:12 on 21 May 2014

Great info, but a longer session with more examples would have made it even better

Lark Mullins at 13:21 on 22 May 2014

Great talk! This is exactly my team is wanting to head with our development. Great job Ian