Exploiting New MySQL Features


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Tons of technical info, but presentation style felt kinda flat.

Could have just been because it's the last day and i'm tired :-)

There was a lot of information that was delivered quickly without much flair. It might have been more interesting and persuasive to demonstrate more visually the impact of your changes. For the performance numbers, have some graphs. Also, more personal stories or anecdotes detailing frustrations which are fixed with 5.6 or 5.7 might help better engage the audience. The baby dolphin picture was cute, but maybe sprinkle in more context-sensitive cute or funny pictures along the way to spice things up. Several dozen dense text slides can tire (or worse, bore) the audience.

Maybe ask the audience what the biggest complaints are with MySQL (I missed first 5 mins so sorry if I missed that)-- you might get some valuable new ideas or you can wow everyone with the solution coming in 5.6/5.7.

Andrew C. Vernon at 12:40 on 25 May 2014

This was one of those talks that had a great deal of information that had to be very quickly dispensed. Unfortunately, some of the information got lost in the rush. However, I did get some new insights and tips when recent or new developments were summarized, which might be the strength to build upon for the future.