Groking Browser Performance


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8 minutes over BUT IT WAS WORTH IT. Fascination look into browser performance. The talk's use of IE slightly restored my faith in Microsoft making a good browser due to the well constructed developer tools. =)

So, I'll be first to admit when I saw Microsoft giving the talk, I was nervous it might be focused on IE in some ways. I was pleasantly surprised that his was not the case. This was an excellent talk. The examples were clearly thought out, and the end result was I learned some new things, which is always important.

The speaker was also a solid speaker, spoke clearly, understood what he was doing, and had a well-prepared and professional talk.

great talk, my fav so far for this conference, please come back!

Anonymous at 18:53 on 22 May 2014

Great talk. Very informative and excellent presenter.

Great talk about how the Browser actually works!

I love learning about how everything works under the hood!

Anonymous at 10:47 on 23 May 2014

Are slides available, or an article? So much useful stuff here.

Great session! impressive the F12 developer tools of the IE 11