Grokking Regex


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Anonymous at 16:07 on 21 May 2014

Very well presented. This would be a great talk for anyone who doesn't have a CS background. It's a bit too introductory for anybody with regex experience. Very clear and concise presentation, extremely easy to follow.

really valuable! Thanks!

I've been cowardly shying away from regex for years. This talk was amazing. I feel much more well equipped now.

Very helpful with many good examples

Great talk! Can you fix the link to the slides, its not correct.

@Samir The link should be updated, sorry about that. I must have copy/paste pasted from the other talk.

Regex is something that you forget if you don't use all the time. This was a very good overview of the basic concepts and some of the quirks. The slides went by very quickly; I'm glad I can download them.