How To Be A Great Developer


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nice talk, very broad and to the point.

Great talk. I really liked the discussion with the audience.

Eminently quotable. An actionable list of checks against some of the damaging human impulses exacerbated by our profession.

This talk also fit well with the theme of continuing education from the keynote and appreciating users' perspective from Eryn O's user interface talk.

The pacing was a bit uneven. The encouraged audience participation during the empathy section dragged a bit and robbed from more natural discussion which arose during the humility section, and the extra time spent put pressure on the final section on bettering your community.

Overall enjoyable and thought provoking.

Fantastic examination of some of the ways we get in our own way as developers. I loved the interactivity, it was perfect for a talk like this that's bound to provoke conversation.

Enjoyable talk, with great discussion with the audience.

An important reminder that the code itself is only one piece of a larger puzzle. Great talk.