PHP 5.6 and beyond: because incrementing major versions is for suckers


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Great presentation! Very through and informative.

The talk started a bit dryly, with a litany of support dates and release plans for the various versions of PHP which would probably be better suited to a written resource. The information about 5.5 was a bit rushed, but understandable due to the 5.6 focus of the talk. The coverage of the 5.6 features and deprecation list was at a better speed. The best part of the presentation in my opinion was the insight into the PHP planning process, the future of PHP, and how major version changes have been handled with other languages.

Thanks for presenting!

I'd heavily edit the first part of the talk - PHP release dates are always "real soon now" anyway. :)

However, once the talk got some steam talking about the PHP internals process and future of PHP it was quite interesting and informative.

Andrew C. Vernon at 12:06 on 25 May 2014

Very informative; this talk got me thinking about what I have, should be, and will be using with PHP. It's just this sort of talk that I really appreciate at a conference.

Anonymous at 14:52 on 30 May 2014

Nice collection of information to take back to work and say, "See, we really need to upgrade."