What to expect from Drupal 8


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As a non-Drupal user currently but a pretty full-on Symfony2 user it's very good to see the development of Drupal 8. Almost all changes are things that are already used in the Symfony2-world. This should make Drupal a lot more accessible. Thanks for the great overview Larry, this was very useful for me :)

Anonymous at 15:04 on 21 May 2014

Lots of great info! Did Drupal dev from Drupal 4 through Drupal 6. Enjoyably substantive, like the code examples.

Having developed for Drupal 7 for the past few years, this talk provided me with a solid understanding of what it will take to uplift our existing code base. More importantly, it showed me that Drupal is on a path to remove most of the pain working with D7 has provided.