Why You Can't Test


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I liked how Chris integrated not programming metaphors (MTG, Sins) into the talk. One story I heard about XP is it is "turning the dial up to 11" on good practices. For example Code Reviews are "good" what is turing up the dial? Having to people working on the same code all the time, constantly review, hence Pair Programming. Nice comments on his experiences in development and testing and sharing them with others.

Entertaining and persuasive. Useful and cheeky plain language explanations for fancy phrases (e.g. Dependency Injection is just passing stuff around as parameters). A bit aggressive and dismissive at times. Might help to have a few more examples (e.g. a mock and something inappropriately tightly coupled).

Lots of great stuff in here. Fun and funny talk that gets the message across clearly.

Great talk and I really liked the associated emotions of each of the deadly sins.

Anonymous at 15:28 on 23 May 2014

Great talk. The theme of the 7 deadly sins kept things interesting.