A Developer's Primer to Managing Developers


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I officially took more notes during this session than any other sessions this week. Great way to cap the conference. Thanks Joe!

Good coverage of what helps makes developers happy, suggestions to keep a positive morale on the team, and still get stuff done. Every team is different, but the topics covered can apply to any team!

Very nice insights. I am going to definitely steal the context switching solution. Please post slides soon. I hope to present a summary of your thoughts to the other tech leaders at our company when I get back.

in task oriented mode for too long. just thinking about who can work on a task efficiently and lower cost as much as possible. i didnt put too much on the human factor. this session is just a big bang for me and inspire me to think what kind of team I would like. Thank you.

Very engaging talk. A lot of common sense that was structured well and applied to situations.

I was interested throughout the whole talk, and would listen to future talks.

An excellent and well-thought out presentation on what motivates developers and helps them to be better, happier coders.