Debugging: Past, Present and Future


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Anonymous at 15:04 on 20 May 2015

thank you so much for your work on xdebug and for the demo of vld. my team has been talking about "branch/path coverage" for a while now but we never had a name for it. thank you! i'm looking forward to using these tools in the future : )

Great overview of seemingly unknown and new features of xdebug.


Anonymous at 19:21 on 20 May 2015

An excellent talk by the authority on xdebug, and a very engaging set of examples and explanations. He covered a wide array of topics, while going into enough detail to make topics I hadn't heard before memorable. I look forward to using what I learned in my future debugging efforts.

Fantastic talk! Very detailed with live demos of xdebug.

Very good speaker. As the creator/maintainer his expertise is beyond reproach. Can't wait for wayback! Thank you Derick for something I use every day!

An informative talk about debugging with excellent live demos.

Can't wait to see how branch/path coverage would be displayed in PHPUnit coverage reports.

Awesome talk. Excited about new features and hope Derek can get through php7 support soon and get back to releasing all the new coolness.