Dependency Injection, Dependency Inversion, and You


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I always love a good talk that references SOLID. Great job Jeff! Very well spoken, good covered on subject.

In a word, awesome!

Jeff had a mastery of the subject matter and communicated it elegantly.

Answered all of my questions and then some.

Simply perfect!

Being able to to see simple examples of before and after helped to see the benefits.

Anonymous at 11:31 on 22 May 2015

Great job. Good examples of DI.

Very useful talk and great examples. A good ratio of details and high level explanations.

I came away with a much better understanding of Dependency Injection. Thanks for helping me get started on this practice, Jeff.

Riley Major at 11:44 on 22 May 2015

Your talk had a good progression of concepts from coupling in general through the concept of dependencies specifically, the practice of dependency injection and finally dependency inversion.

I'm glad you included discussion of dependency injection containers as well. I think it would be helpful to justify use of a dependency injection container by showing the code repetition otherwise required. You talked through it but I don't think I saw it visually.

It got a little complicated at the end and I didn't follow much of the discussion of Aura's DI container and how it might be misused as a service locator. If that's an important consideration I'd suggest going through it more slowly.

I liked the recap and reminder how containers can help you identify the code smell of complex dependencies.

Thanks for putting together this presentation.

Really enjoyed this discussion of DI! It's always a pleasure to listen to someone who has a solid (no pun intended) grasp on these sorts of topics. As a fan of loosely coupled I knew what to expect and was not disappointed. Thanks Jeff!

I really enjoyed this talk. Jeff does an excellent job of unpacking a seemingly complicated topic.

One of the best explanations of DI.

As someone who's been thrown into the deep end of dependency injection thanks to is inclusion in Magento 2, I really appreciated this great look not only at DI itself, but also dependency inversion and how to use DI in an intelligent manner to improve the design of our code. Love it!

Great talk that helped put names to the practices that I was doing before I knew that it was the "right" way simply because things like Dependency Injection felt right.