TDD: Team-Driven Development


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Great talk, explanation, and discussion!

Really outstanding talk. I think this room has a good record of having great talks presented in it. Thank you.

Anonymous at 16:35 on 20 May 2015

Very good session. good talk on human factor in a team and easy to understand. sometimes we developers handles machine well but not people ... and we kind of handling people like machines. But having the human factors considered, i got better idea on how to work with the team. Thank you.

Great content. Would highly recommend this to others.

One suggestion: You didn't allow time for questions either during the talk or at the end (used up the whole time).

Thanks for sharing. The talk was entertaining and informative. It was loaded with pithy quotes I wish I could have live tweeted, but I didn't want to miss anything.

It was sometimes hard to follow the hierarchical flow of the latter half of the talk (the earlier part was more background story). A little more structure might help folks remember, though the narrative never suffered. It also seemed to be a little rushed at the end, which is where you can have the most impact by providing tools for the audience.

Thanks for spreading a positive message.

Anonymous at 16:58 on 20 May 2015

Wasn't a fan of this talk. The title of this session was misleading, as a lot of the content wasn't really team-oriented; it was more about being empathetic and accepting towards others. There were a lot of disjointed ideas and opinions presented but with little or no logical explanation to provide support.

One of the best talks I attended at PHPTek. The talk spread a ton of positive messages and reinforced the idea that we need to be empathic and excellent to one another.

I really enjoyed this talk. All the technical skill we can have is rendered useless by an inability to interact with our teammates. Great job on teaching these principles and skills.

Excellent discussion of how to work and talk and generally interact as a team. Easily a highlight of Tek, for me.

Great talk reminding us that no person is an island. Especially in modern development with so many interacting parts. Only suggestion (echoing other comments I see) is to tweak the timing so that there is some time for discussion at the end. That said, I'm sure there's so much information that you could fill an entire day of breathless high speed talk and still not cover everything :)

Too often developers and even conference organizers think that the way to become the best developer possible is to focus entirely on programming skills to the exclusion of all other skills. That approach is literally killing us - it's killing individual developers, it's harming our industry, it's no good. I really appreciated the way Samantha walked us through personal examples from her own experiences - some of which had to be challenging to share to a room full of developers. Lots of great lessons to make each of us better teammates and developers.