HTTP is Dead. Long Live HTTP/2!


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Personally the most informative talk of the week! Please get the slides up ASAP.

Lots of very good info. We all need to know this stuff.

If you are looking for a professional super-polished speaker, choose Ben Ramsey.

In this talk he took a bunch of really boring RFC's and explained them at length in a way that was both digestible and captivating. His delivery was smooth and well paced. And the calm and non-distracting way he handles technical issues is inspiring for future speakers.

Well done Ben!

Riley Major at 10:12 on 22 May 2015

Great info well delivered.

I agree with Sammy's comments.

wow this talk was chock full of useful information! I was quite hungover so I didn't quite digest everything, but I look forward to viewing the recording that PHP-Tek hopefully makes available for us later. Thanks Ben!