Introduction to Design Patterns in PHP


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This was an excellent talk, very well thought out and well presented. I have read a design patterns book, and it was too much theory, which is useful but only to a point. This talk cemented my understanding by both your clear descriptions of the theory, and then excellent examples. Sorry to hear that your book will be only in French, wish my french was better!

Having tried to follow some of the tutorials in the wild, this talk clarified details of the Decorator, Composite, and Factory classes far more than I was ever able to roughly glean from the online tutorials. I look forward to the published book! A translation would be nice but I will seriously consider getting it just for the code examples (and maybe practice some french).

Thank you very much for your feedbacks! They're really appreciated. I've shared the url with all sample codes I've presented in my slidedecks. You will find the classes, the unit tests files and a short README file for each component to explain how the code works. I also highly recommend you to look at the unit tests suites files to have a better understanding of how the different patterns works. Feel free to ask if you have any questions. I also hope I will be able to translate the book when it will be ready in french :)

Anonymous at 11:57 on 20 May 2015

Developers loves to write code that work and see some result but not care much on maintainability or readability. This session provides very useful overview and introduction on the important patterns. Together with "mocking with phake" session today, I can see how code could be written in a way that is unit testable. Thanks for your great presentation.

Clearly you know your stuff. However, the metaphors did not contribute to the learner's understanding of the material - they merely defined the name of the design pattern. Talk could be improved by replacing those with use cases or examples of when a particular pattern would be ideal. Perhaps pose a business porblem and ask learners to choose which pattern to use and why. It isbetter to give people a deeper understanding of a few examples than a shallow awareness of many. We can always go learn the other ones later if we have a solid understanding of why design patterns are important and how to recognize the need for one.

This was the best introduction to design patterns. As a new developer I find it hard to understand a lot of aspects. But thanks to this class a lot of things became clear to me. Thanks, Hugo. You had great presentation and it was very useful!